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All business IT capabilities are under increasing pressure to do more with less. Fortunately advancements in technologies, methodologies, skills and pricing models mean that it is always possible.

This survey is designed to help IT decision makers understand how they can achieve more for their organisation.

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Digital Readiness


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Evaluation of the 6 Pillars of Digitalization

Our Digital Readiness Assessment covers six key dimensions of your company's digital DNA, with the goal of providing a deep understanding of the current digital state in each.

  • Delivery Methodology

    Is your technology team organised to deliver the change your business demands in an effective, logical and efficient way.

  • Skills and Capacity

    An exploration of whether you have the right roles and the right numbers of people, not just to keep the lights on but to achieve your objectives.

  • System Architecture

    System architecture refers to the overall technical landscape of your organisation and the design of individual systems within it.

  • Partner Support

    From vendors to service providers, do you have the right relationships to work as one team towards the same goals.

  • Integration Strategy

    The way you connect your systems and data is often the most overlooked yet most important factor in determining your digital success.

  • Technology Selection

    Is the technology you rely upon still meeting your needs or has it begun to hold you back, and when is the right time to make changes?

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Who is this Digital Readiness Report for?

This customized report includes maturity assessments to help provide context and practical assistance for your company's digitization journey.

It is designed for use by anyone who influences decision making or is responsible for the outcomes of an IT capability in any organization, as they will receive valuable insight into where they should focus their attention and investment to get the best returns and prioritize initiatives.

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How Digital Ready is your business?

Not sure where to start on your digital transformation journey? Is your business strategy working in a digital world? Assess your company's digital maturity in less than 7 minutes. Complete our digital readiness survey, discover your score and start planning your journey to success today.

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